Digital Projects

Below is a list of digital projects, web exhibitions, and related items.

“Too Near Where History is Being Made”: Henry Howard Houston II in a Time of War

The experiences of a young Philadelphian during World War I are explored in “Too Near Where History is Being Made“. This gallery combines photos, letters, postcards, and official military documents to tell the story of Henry Houston. First he travels to the U.S.-Mexican border in 1916 to guard against possible Mexican invasion after the Pancho Villa’s raid into New Mexico. Afterwards, Henry joins the Ambulance Corp in France in the hopes of helping the Allied cause before the U.S. enters World War One. When the U.S. does join, Henry returns to America and trains in the aerial corps, helping artillery aim long distance weapons. This is a story of sacrifice, and lost potential; Henry dies soon after returning to France.

Built With: HTML5UP, StoryMap JS, jQuery, HTML, CSS

My Role: Project Manager, Web Developer

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Joining the Fray: Mapping a World of Paine

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) changed the course of history in three countries. His political writing helped sustain the American Revolution, spur the French Revolution and nearly topple English Royalty. However, he certainly wasn’t working in a vacuum. Joining the Fray: Mapping a World of Paine visualizes the connections between Paine and the writers, politicians, radicals and reactionaries that together formed the world of Paine.

Built With: JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Photoshop

My Role: Project Manager, Web Developer

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LibIpsum: Ipsum for the Library and/or Archives World

Often in need of Lorem ipsum (set of dummy text to use during website development), I reviewed the wide variety of options. When I didn’t find one that spoke directly to me as a librarian/archivist, I created one. Based on Justin Kestler’s flat-iron ipsum, LibIpsum was born. Feel free to use the text for your project.

Built With: jQuery, HTML, CSS

Get your LibIpsum here:

No Taxonomy Without Representation

Web exhibit exploring the rich holdings of manuscripts and rare books in the APS library relating to animals, from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. No Taxation without Representation was built to coincide with a physical exhibit. This site provides a closer look at many of the exhibit items than the physical space could afford visitors, including full-text copies of featured pamphlets.

Build With: Bootstrap, Tooltipster, PHP

My Role: Web Developer

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