Introducing Libipsum: The Library/Archives-Related Ipsum Generator

I’ve been working with a lot of lorem ipsum lately for library web exhibit mock-ups and the like. There are a lot of fun ipsum generators out there (see, for example Mashable‘s list). For about the last month or so have been idly wondering if I’d be able to make one relevant to the library/archives world.

Good news!

I came upon Justin Kestler’s very helpful blog post and source files, and modified the terminology and a few other things, and am now proud to present, the ipsum generator for the library/archives world.

It’s built with javascript and jQuery, it’s lightweight and all around pretty neat.

Justin, if you’re reading this, thank you! This was a lot of fun to work on.

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Scott Ziegler

Hi, I'm Scott. I'm web development librarian in Philadelphia. I write about the adventures of web development in the library world.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Libipsum: The Library/Archives-Related Ipsum Generator”

  1. Hi, I am enjoying libipsum.

    It would be even easier for me if I could generate many libipsums all at once.

    I work with Drupal mostly, so would it be alright if I loaded your list of library and archives-related words into a Drupal module? I’d build it as an extension to the Drupal Ipsum module ( and I would credit you of course.

    I don’t see any licensing information associated with this project, so I wanted to check – thanks!

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