About Me

Hi, I’m Scott. I’m a web development librarian in Philadelphia. This is a blog about the things I’m up to. Feel free to add comments to anything you see here, and/or send an email (slziegler [at] gmail [dot] com)  if you’d like to get in touch. I also, though rarely, play on twitter (https://twitter.com/ScottLZiegler).

About my work

I’m a web development librarian. Most of my development knowledge has been picked up on the job, and through the help of the many, many great developers in the world who generously share what they know.

That being said, I think things are going pretty well. I work at the American Philosophical Society (APS), and development and maintain the various sites we use there (including the APS Digital Library, and other tools). I’m very interested in working to make the APS’s collections easier to find and easier to work with. To this end, I’m always tweaking finding aid layouts, tutorials and electronic paging systems.

As a librarian, most of the development covered here will be for library environments. Hopefully someone somewhere will find this helpful.

And, of course, all opinions and thoughts expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of my employer.